Announcing the 2019
Fall Hiking Season
By Yvonne Baker

This year the DEC is supporting the history of the fire towers in the Catskills.

So they are providing a challenge. If you hike and climb all five, you receive this patch and a year’s subscription to Conservation Magazine and more.

Check the Catskills Fire Tower Five Challenge at for more info, rules and prizes.

So, our hikes this year will include all the towers and more.

We will have a kick-off hike on Saturday August 31st to Overlook. This is the day that all the fire towers in the Catskills will be lit from 9pm till 9:30pm.

So we will meet at the parking lot on Meades Mountain Road at 6:00. Bring headlights, snacks, drinks etc. for at the top.

All hikes will be on Sundays and will start at 9am ready to hike. Our sister club HVSC runs their hikes on Saturdays.

Information about each hike will be sent out in a e-blast the Monday before the hike.

Hiking Schedule




August 31st

Kick off hike to Overlook Fire Tower.

 Yvonne Baker

Sun Oct 6

 North / South Lake picnic hike. With cooks Skip Alford, Patrick Cummins and Steve Wingard.


Sun Oct 13

 Red Hill Fire Tower.

Skip Alford & Yvonne Baker

Sun Oct 20

 Balsam Lake Fire Tower.

Steve Wingard

Sun Oct 27

 Mt Tremper Fire Tower.

Mo & Jeff Viglielmo

Sun Nov 3

 Panther Mountain.

Steve Ahladas

Sun Nov 10

 Hunter Mountain Fire Tower.